Month: July 2015

Surgical Subspecialty Wrap-up Part 1 of 3: Plastic Surgery

“Pardon my English, I am a French” – My plastic surgery attending physician My first rotation of my third year of medical school is over. In true fashion of the last few years, it seems that the 5 weeks I spent on that rotation sat somewhere between a compressed and stretched version of the space-time continuum.

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Making a Physician: the USMLE STEP 1

The ISTEP, the SAT, the MCAT, and now the USMLE. These are a series of acronyms that evoke a primal, almost nauseating response among those of us that have fought the gauntlet of standardized testing for the majority of our lives. It is monumental tests like this: single-day, multiple-hour, multiple-subject, and multiple headache-inducing exams that convert

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