Month: January 2017

The NRMP Match Part 2: My ERAS Application

n=1 I want you to remember that point for the entirety of your time reading this. This application is a sample size of 1. In contrast to the massive amount of data I provided in part 1, I am but a single data point in a sea of 40,000+ applicants. Therefore, you must take my

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The NRMP Match Part 1: Understanding the Statistics – “Will I match?”

Introduction Am I going to match? This is the question that medical students going into their 4th year ask themselves over and over, poring over every detail of themselves and their application with a fine tooth comb. Or in some cases, the big comb from Spaceballs. This post began in an airport in Lansing, Michigan (yes, who

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Making a Doctor 101: How the residency match works (for laypeople)

All I do is try to make it simple, the ones that make it complicated never get congratulated – Kid Cudi Hey.   You.   Yes, you. The one who isn’t  in the medical profession. It’sa me, Mario! More specifically, I’m a student in my fourth and final year of medical school. You’re here because you’ve

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