About Brandon Wojcik: The man, the myth, the user of sharp objects.

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They say you shouldn’t be an anonymous blogger if you’re going to talk about medicine, so I guess I’m going to put a bit about me here. In today’s day and age, what you put on the internet is forever (and ever, and ever…), so this is going to make sure I am both accountable for my writing from a HIPAA standpoint as well as show that I’m, well, a real person. This page went a long time without being updated, so I’m going to try to keep it a little more current

I’m Brandon Wojcik, and I’m a second year general surgery resident at Saint Louis University in the class of 2022. I attended medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s crazy to think that this blog has followed me into residency, so…welcome! There’s a super professional looking photo of me (which was my photo for the residency application process), and while my blog isn’t always wearing a suit and tie, I figured it was appropriate. I’ve added a few photos to show that I’ve changed a bit since starting this blog. The changes have something to do with the sleep deprivation of surgery residency, getting a haircut, and losing 30 pounds.

I like to write in a bit of a loose style, but I can guarantee you it’s always going to be honest and hopefully entertaining. This blog is a way for me to get a lot of my thoughts down, and while a lot it will focus on medicine because medicine does own my life in a lot of ways, there will be other things as I get around to writing more. I hope you enjoy reading this mess of words and maybe learn a thing, especially for the medical students.

A few more things about me…I’m 27, born in Illinois, and raised in Indiana. I’ve played basketball since the age of 5 as well as many other sports, and broke more than a few bones along the way. I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in math. I’ve trained Hapkido, Taekwondo, and currently Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I lift weights and run, I have played more video games than I’d care to admit and built my own PC, I love to cook/bake, and enjoy rap (and other) music way too much. Residency limits the amount of time I can spend here, but I’d like to provide a small window in what it takes to become a surgeon.

I hope you enjoy your time here…or at least enjoy procrastinating from doing other things.


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