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Months 0 and 1: Moving to St. Louis and the World of Trauma Nights

When somebody is crashing, you don’t see anyone screaming to call the pediatric endocrinologists. They call the surgeons. Part of this passage was written by me back in August of 2017, and the latter half by me in late 2018. The verb tenses and tones will give it away. It had been a crazy two

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The NRMP Match Part 1: Understanding the Statistics – “Will I match?”

Introduction Am I going to match? This is the question that medical students going into their 4th year ask themselves over and over, poring over every detail of themselves and their application with a fine tooth comb. Or in some cases, the big comb from Spaceballs. This post began in an airport in Lansing, Michigan (yes, who

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Making a Doctor 101: How the residency match works (for laypeople)

All I do is try to make it simple, the ones that make it complicated never get congratulated – Kid Cudi Hey.   You.   Yes, you. The one who isn’t  in the medical profession. It’sa me, Mario! More specifically, I’m a student in my fourth and final year of medical school. You’re here because you’ve

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